What is Plastic Injection Molding and Its Benefits?

Plastic injection molding is a new, versatile and extremely advance method today used for producing parts and products. Widely used for manufacturing process all over the world, plastic injection molding is the most effective way to manufacture accurate parts and components. It is incredibly quick and saves a lot of production time. Not only plastic injection molding is extremely efficient, it is also simple and reliable. There is no doubt that using this method to manufacture products and parts is the most beneficial. Here are few major advantages using plastic injection molding.

Plastic Injection Molded

Detailed Feature

Plastic injection molds can bear extremely high pressure. As a result the plastic within the molds is pressed harder against the injection mold compared to other molding process and results in detailed design on the parts. Due to high pressure intricate and complex shapes can easily be manufactured.


Once the plastic injection molds have been designed, your molding process can be quick compared to other molding process. It allows more parts to be manufactured from a single mold, which makes it more cost effective and efficient.


With plastic injection molds, you can use fillers in the injection molds, which reduce the density of plastic, adding greater strength to the parts after it has been molded. Ultimately with plastic injection moldings, you can manufacture products this is stronger and more durable than other molding process.

Plastic Injection Molded Parts

Less Manufacturing Costs

Plastic injection molding is sole machine operated automated process. It reduces manufacturing costs. Furthermore, it also helps with reduced labor force and the decrease in overall cost of manufacturing the parts. Plastic injection molding also allows for making accurate and precise injection molds.

Less Waste

Plastic injection molding helps in benefit the environment by minimizing the waste. Plastic injection molding is a effective, efficient and resourceful way of manufacturing products and parts.

Using injection molding for manufacturing ensures that the parts will hardly require any more work after the production. Today plastic injection molding is a widely used environment-friendly manufacturing process. If you are looking for an injection molding company (www.icomold.com), then we are here to help you. At ICOMold, we are specialized in providing plastic molding services as per our customers’ needs. We have been building high quality plastic molding & parts in the United States of America since 2003. Contact us to get further details on our services.


Custom Injection Molds Made with Lifetime Warranty

Custom injection molds are custom sized and shaped plastic molds manufactured with high pressure injection technology. These molds always take their shape from the molten plastic that is pumped into a metal mold made of materials like aluminum, pre-hardened steel, hardened steel and beryllium copper alloy. The molten plastic inside the metal mold starts to solidify and finally takes the required shape after the cooling process is over. More complicated variety of custom injection molds are out there which demands specialized skill of building many removable slides or sections into the metal mold. Additionally, it requires custom injection mold makers to maintain the flexibility and hardness of the liquid plastic material used in the mold required for creating perfectly functional plastic molded products for use in your industry.

Plastic Injection Molded

Custom made plastic injection molds are needed for manufacturing a large variety of plastic molded parts. From plastic containers, pocket combs and bottle caps to automotive interior parts and electronic switches, everything is now produced using injection molds. These custom tailored injection molds often cost low when it comes to produce a large number of plastic parts and manage the operational activity of your industry effectively. Using them, you can easily prepare injection molds with custom features and continue with your production venture or unit. If you need molds with desired number of slides or sections but with little efforts and little cost, ICOmold can be of great help. We are an Ohio based custom injection mold and CNC prototype maker and supplier relying on advanced technology to cater to your industry production needs no matter how large or small are they. Our expert professionals can design injection molded parts exacting your design specifications and increase the functionality of your finished products. With us, you can not only enjoy minimized plastic parts production cost and increased production speed but also greater precision, reduced scrap loss and low turnaround time. If you want your custom injection molds to be manufactured with proper care and attention, give us a call. We are here to act on your demand fast and bring you the following advantages:

  • Increased production rate/speed
  • Low production cost
  • Greater finishing
  • Infusion of small intricate details
  • Use of fillers and inserts in the mold
  • Better strength and durability of mold
  • Lifetime warranty

Custom Injection Mold

For getting quality and durable plastic molded parts without the risk of spending on their future maintenance or repair costs, consider using custom injection mold service of ICOMold today! Our service will turn out to be fitting and cost-effective for you!

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Custom Plastic Injection Molds with Lifetime Warranty

Does your company need custom made plastic injection molds to produce plastic parts at low cost and within the shortest possible time? Are you seeking for finely finished injection molds with greater strength to continue with production of prototype parts or functional testing? ICOMold can lead you to ultimate satisfaction with its best in quality plastic injection molds and custom plastic parts molding tool. We are a professional plastic injection mold manufacturing company engaged in custom injection mold service and capable to meet the production needs of customer’s plastic parts no matter whether they are 100 or more than 100,000 in number.

 Auto Pump

It requires greatly finished plastic injection molds for your company to create parts of more difficult shapes and sizes that would often be costly and time taking to manufacture with machine. Our plastic injection mold is accomplished to exact specification of customers and delivered with both quality and speed. Be sure to use our injection molds and create a large number of parts with the same mold and earn about 30-50% savings on your molding price. It is only possible because of our injection molding tool which is very economic and keep your plastic part production price at the minimum while sticking to your budget.

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Our injection molds are not just personalized to customer’s individual requirement but are also available with lifetime warranty. Using the most effective mold frame library system we strive to keep our molding and tooling cost low so that we can serve you 30% – 50% lower than other molding shops and provide long lasting molds too. With us you can have the pleasure of producing your plastic parts in quality molds with lifetime warranty and save yourself from spending anything extra on your new injection mold tooling.

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ICOMold is specialized in plastic injection molding tools and plastic parts prototype products and has worked for many large and small scale companies in Asia, America, Australia, Europe, Australia and South America. We operate globally and ever ready to serve you with custom and cost-effective injection mold service no matter you are associated with food, electronics, sports, automobile, medical, beverage or container manufacturing or packaging industry.

 plastic injection mold service

For low-cost, effective and quick production of plastic parts, consider using plastic injection mold service by ICOMold. We will deliver you instant injection mold quote which will let you see the price of your own injection molds and the 3D CAD model of plastic parts to be produced out of them.

High Grade CNC Prototype Service for Cost-Effective Products

Whatever the product a company or person wants to produce, making a prototype is a vital stage in the product design procedure which can’t be overlooked. CNC prototyping is used for making fast functional prototypes or low cost production parts ranging from one to a hundred pieces. Again, there are several other reasons for prototyping like testing and evaluating the product design, reducing production problems and costs, delivering them to customers on time, as well as to define any patent approval details.

CNC Prototype

Assessing and Testing the Product Design

The ideas and sketches of a product design can’t proceed to the processing phase and the real customers won’t have access to the fully finished form unless it has exact prototype. By making a CNC prototype it is really possible to see the actual form of the product and decide which features are perfect and which portions need to be reworked, modified or rejected. With the CNC machine or CNC prototyping, the production unit can easily find clean omissions or mistakes in the product that are less visible on paper.

 CNC Prototype

In addition to this, a CNC prototype enables the design team to not only assess but also check the product before carrying out full scale production. An order for hundreds of thousands of units would be likely to fail because the parts don’t meet specifications; this is why prototyping is required for every product. Corporate manufacturing and small business houses should use CNC prototyping before going ahead with production.

CNC Plastic

Minimizing Production Issues and Costs

It usually becomes expensive and time consuming to change the products after the production has commenced to full capacity. CNC prototyping is desired before production starts so that the prototype can be analyzed to find out if any parts or features can be added, removed or modified to streamline the production process and keep the cost of actual production under control. It better to eliminate problems discovered prior to production (during the prototyping phase) that would cause more issues in the final product. With a prototype, the product design team can also decide the best possible method for production – plastic injection molding, CNC milling, silicone molding, stamped metal or die-cast.

CNC Plastic

If you want to have fast CNC prototyping for handling your individual requirements for functional testing, pre-production marketing, bridge tooling and continuing low-volume production, call for assistance from ICOMold— a company specializing in plastic injection molding, CNC machining, and CNC prototyping located in Toledo, Holland. We can deliver high quality and low cost CNC machining, CNC prototypes, and plastic injection molding for your production parts and testing needs. Consider ordering a CNC prototype from ICOMold for quality production parts at a low price!

High Quality and Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services

Popular manufacturing process- plastic injection molding is used to create plastic parts injecting heated material into a custom mold that have specific designs and offers maximum flexibility as well as control for getting best end results. An effective plastic injection molding service is adept in producing accurate plastic parts and components. From parts for medical devices to parts used in the manufacturing industry, ICOMold® gives you high quality and accurate, custom-designed plastic parts.

Plastic Molding

Benefits of getting effective plastic injection molding services from ICOMold®, a world leading plastic injection molding and custom part supplier:

Versatile and Inexpensive:

Machines or molds used for our plastic injection molding services are incredibly versatile and result in producing every day goods, automotive parts and medical supplies. A large amount of goods can be created quickly without leaving behind any waste or scrap with our top quality plastic injection molding services. This helps to lower prices per unit and proves to be cost effective.

Injection Molding

Eco-friendly and Safe:

We use the best quality Thermoplastic materials that are molded as per your requirement, safe to use and can be recycled as well as. Thermoplastic materials, having high molecular weight, melt to a liquid form when heated and become hard after cooling.

Strives for quality control from start to finish:

ICOMold® believes in delivering high quality plastic injection molding services, for which; from the very beginning we conduct quality checks and monitor progress of your project at every stage until it is completed and shipped. Quality check/control is done by our experienced and skilled team. They help in improving a product’s potential as well as saving you time and money.

Plastic Injection Molding

Additionally, you can take advantage of our subtractive manufacturing process- CNC Machining or CNC Plastic Prototyping for quick making of prototype plastic parts or low-production plastic parts. CNC plastic parts have great perfection and accuracy. Give us a call today at (419) 867-3900 between 8 AM – 7 PM or visit www.icomold.com to get an instant plastic mold quote. ICOMold® is located in Holland, Ohio, USA.

Quick and Cost-efficient Plastic Injection Molding Supplier

Plastic Injection molding is a waste reducing industrial process employed for manufacturing a wide variety of plastic products. It helps convert the non-eco friendly plastic materials into a variety of reusable consumer products like pulleys, valves, washers, knobs, toys, water bottles, furniture, car panels and more. The process of injection molding is carried out mainly for producing thermosetting and thermostatic plastic materials using raw plastic, an injection molding machine, and a mold for extrusion. The plastic is heated and mixed inside the injection molding machine and then infused into the mold, where it gets cool and settles to take the final shape. The products prepared through plastic molding process vary in size, application and complexity.


The injection molding process has enabled the global manufacturing business to grow and meet the requirement of consumers. Consumers usually want inexpensive household products, which are needed to be produced inexpensively too. Plastic is comparatively cheap, versatile and reliable so it is widely produced through injection molding these days.


Manufacturers need plastic injection molds of different sizes and different specifics to mass produce items. If you happen to be a manufacturer and are looking to purchase a plastic injection mold or custom molded parts, we can support you in the best possible manner. ICOMold is one of the world’s leading injection molders & custom molded plastic part suppliers. We specialize in plastic injection molds, CNC prototype machined parts, rapid injection molding, custom injection molds, production molds and export molds. Our capability ranges from quickly producing cost-effective molded parts to pre-hardened steel injection molds for production and prototyping. Depending upon the complexity and size of your mold & part design, our average delivery time is from 2–5 weeks. ICOMold also supports your special requirements for plastic resins and colors.

ICOMold has revolutionized the way customers around the world get their molds and parts quoted. We developed the world’s first and only INSTANT ONLINE QUOTE system to give our customers a quote right NOW, instead of waiting days or weeks. To get your instant quote for your supply of quality plastic injection molding & plastic parts quickly, visit our website http://www.icomold.com.


For low priced and high quality CNC machined parts and injection molding parts, ICOMold is the best place available online. You can call us at our online store in Ohio, USA at anytime or you can connect with us by our Facebook page